Friday, November 21, 2008
4:19 AM

it's been a month since my last post here..and i bet wala na pumupunta dito, i don't care..
i really don't care..d hell i care

i super missed blogging.
misteryosa muna buhay ko ngayon

long time no chat
Saturday, September 13, 2008
11:24 PM

Buffy is here...super missed blogging...
i've been to ups and mostly downs!!ayun..medyo naging strong ako, but then..naging weak ng konti..nalaman ko ang feeling kung pano maging sawi!!..haha...

lemme tell you bout Buffy..bakit buffy ako..kasi i wanna be Bufy..the vampire slayer!!

aun!!..november 20 na ang TWILIGHT!..MAHGOSH!

TOM STURRIDGE is my guy!!

medyo insane ako ngayon..pasensya na....

i'll talk about my secrets next time...

yung secrets of my GLAMOROUS LIFE ...LOL

so..hanngang dito na lang muna mga love ko..


Friday, August 15, 2008
12:23 AM

tis is my first blog entry for the month of August so you better shut up and
there are so many things na na-experience last..i’m enjoying my garments subject!..

ang dami na nangyari..sobra, I agree the saying first you say you won’t then you say you will..di ba may long time dream course is nursing because I want to be a doctor someday?, I ended up choosing tourism as a course..ayways, maganda naman yun di ba?..well..let me think for it first..being a nurse or flight attendant?

my crushie that I’m thinking is my soulmate..i don’t like him anymore..he’s not that good in school pala..he’s tamad, as in..pero he’s good in chance pa kaya?

and my bestie..may problem sya..this guy, ever since 1st year high school sya, but
di niya pinapansin…kasi focused siya sa studies..ngayong we’re juniors na..this guy, may niligawan sya..parang for fun lang..and yung nilagawan nya..likes him,now..sinabi na ng friends ko yung truth about that dun sa girl.ngayon..ang problem ng bestie ko, kung papayagan ba niyan manligaw yung guy sa kanya..kasi nakakawa *daw* yung

I super missed blogging..sobrang na busy ako sa in busy talaga..
now I’m working on my scrapbook..project for garments..feeling fashion designer na
still looking forward for breaking dawn..dahil busy sa school..wala pa rin b dang princesa
ayan..4-day vacation ang handog samin ng
sobrang na-miss ko talaga mag blog..

ayan..before I forgot..
I want to congratulate my four boyfriends..
kevin jonas
nick jonas
joe jonas
and my chace Crawford
for their awards sa teen’s choice
I’m looking forward for our group

and also to Edward Cullen..i love

**I noticed na mas maganda pa si vicotria kaysa kay (sa movie)


inspired si ako..
Friday, July 25, 2008
9:13 PM

ayan. my all-new blog title is new moon inspired at the same time romeo and juliet..haha, that's what i'm thinking these days, after i read the chapter in new moon titled Paris..what if i'll be Juliet Capulet? who will be my Romeo Montague? Romeo's first love ,Rosalind? and the one they want me to marry, Paris? what if i'll be in love with Paris too, and Romeo will leave me? but Romeo promised that he'll be back..what am i gonna do? ohh..i'm too young for this thing..haha

freakin' stupiid
8:38 PM

let's meet the bloodsuckers!..i'm so weird, ewan ko kung bakit, as i read the book (twilight saga) feeling ko ako si bella..i don't know
btw, yung midnight sun pala is edward's point of view yung midnight sun, parang twilight din? pero si edward is the one speaking? am i right? or wrong?

and wait..are they gonna show twilight here as in 12.12.08? or what?..haaaaay, i don't know what i'm feeling..
katatapos ko lang mag write ng lecture for chem..7 pages!,back to back
&& the yung crushing whatever experience ko na i'm thinking he's my soulmate is totally dead..hindi pala sya yung dream guy
so back to search mode
ayun..i'll think of something pa na i can tell


ah!..i'll change my blog title after i post this freakin' stupid entry!!haha..jk!
i'm craving for a lasagna!!..
ayy..SONA na sa monday!!who's excited? anyone?
i have to get a transcript..assignment nga pala namin yun..

this month is nutrition month right?pero..july is going to end..parang wala pa akong na-eat na nutritious??haha i'll post na lang ulit next time..'kay?
maybe nex time will just ne next minute!!

say what?!
7:51 AM

ok..the truth is last sunday pa ako meron..pero i'm still happy!!..i have one na!
and i just finished new moon!!..parang nainlove ako kay jacob..but mas mahal ko pa rin si edward..haha..ayan
nasa chapter 2 pa lang ako..i have to finish it..para breaking dawn na!!!
ang cute pala nung casting ng twilight!!..jasper is a lot cuter than Edward..swear!!pero the character is what I’m loving, not the artist..basta..i’m so excied

i love yah!!
Friday, July 18, 2008
7:38 PM

i’m reviewing..i have a test..but then..nag blog pa rin it goes..survey survey!!


Favorite Pop: Coca-cola
Favorite fruit: Strawberry
Favorite season: summer
Want more piercings: nah..i don’t want
Want a tattoo: never in mah super fab life


Person talked to/texted on the phone?: secret!!lol
Person IMed on-line?: mah ever-energetic cousin
Blue or red?: blue..
Spring or Fall?: of course..spring

Random stuff:

Do you speak Spanish?: not really..i’m more of a French
How old do you act?: 14?10?
Do you have any pets?: yah!..i have 2 shih tzus..
Mood?: I don’t know..i’m reviewing!!

The W's Questions:

Whos in the room with you?: I’m alone..wooo
What was the last thing you ate?: Chocolate crinkles from baguio..want some?
What was the last thing you drank? just water..
What color pants are you wearing?: white shorts
What is the closest item near you that is blue? my perfume..mary-kate and ashley,
What are you wearing on your feet?: mah havianas..
What instant messaging service do you use?: ym
What do you wear more, jeans or shorts?: shorts…
Where did you get the shirt you got on?: david and goliath

This Or That..

Cute or hot: Hot
Lips or Eyes: Eyes
Hugs or Kisses: pwede both?
Short or Tall: tall!!
Easygoing or serious: easygoing
Muscular or Skinny: not too buff
Sweet or Caring:Sweet!!..uhmm and caring

Have You Ever:

Kissed a Stranger: of course not!..why on earth will I do that?!
Drank bubbles?: never
Lost glasses/contacts?: yah?!
Got an X-ray and on what? : secret!, neverr
Broken Someones Heart?: I think so…I’m not that sure..wait, I’ll ask him!
Cried When Someone Died: never experienced and I don’t wat to experience..huh?
Cried At School and why?: yeah!!..because of my classmate!!

1st Thing You Think Of When You Hear:

God: love
Miracles: God
Ghost: Casper..woooh
Aliens: mars!!
Magic: harry potter
Heaven: God
Hell: evil!!
Kissing on The First Date: yeah?
Horoscopes: neverrmind
Santa: gifts!!lol

My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)

i am SANDRA. i am not your ordinary girl. i am sassy.a blogger.a junior highschool student.100% pinay. i am currently loving chemistry.i am mean. don't dare make me angry. because you'll be punished forever. but still, im friendly and i have so many friends.

i love EDWard cullen and JOe jonas.i am imperfect and i'm loving it.i have many flaws and inperfections. but still i'm happy with my life. i love math && science.

Know me.Love me.Hate me.

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